Listen to Me is an international art project in which tinnitus stands central. Artists make work with or inspired by the sounds of the brains.

Maybe you are the one in six people around you who from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep (if you can sleep at all) incessantly hears jingle bells play, an alarm going off, feel like you are in a jungle full of crickets or think your neighbor is constantly mowing the grass. For anyone with tinnitus this sounds familiar, but for those who don’t this invisible condition is a mystery.

In consultation with tinnitus sufferers aged between 12 and 92 years, the sound their brain makes is emulated with special equipment and software. Visitors of the exhibition can listen to these faithfully recreated sounds, accompanied with the portraits of these individuals. The visitor will —for the first time— hear what tinnitus-people hear everyday. Philippe Druez has tinnitus for about 8 years now, and that makes his work autobiographical.

The sounds are also made​available to a group of invited international artists. They use the sounds directly or indirectly in their work: sound systems, visual arts, mixed media, sculptures, interactive art, music, 3d visualisation...


Check out the trailer (headphones recommended)



The exhibition is a positive way to generate media attention for this disease and to understand what it means to be a tinnitus sufferer. However, the exhibition is no a prevention campaign but a pur-sang art project that makes the intimate torment tangible. The artists are very enthusiastic and feel this is a unique opportunity to work on this subject.

Unique is the performance 4'33 " of the American avant-garde composer John Cage which will be staged in the exhibition. The legendary performance of 1952 will be on display during the exhibition as well.

Listen to the interview with Philippe Druez (Dutch broadcast on 24 April - Radio 1)





Yves Velter (BE) — Philippe Druez (BE) — Eleanor Crook (UK)
Soichiro Mihara (JP) — Adam Basanta (CA) — Ricky Van Broekhoven (NL)
Chantal Pollier (BE) — Ingrid Apers (NL)
John Cage (US)





As a tinnitus sufferer you can participate in this art project. Download this form, fill it in, as accurate as possible, and mail it back to us. Your data will of course remain strictly private and is solely used for the project. The sounds are catalogued and included in our tinnitus database. Particular sounds will be recreated in dialogue with you.













• Catalogue  Artwork and exhibition views, background information and more.

Vinyl record (33rpm EP).
   Contains the artists talking about their works, exhibition tinnitus sounds and artist installation sounds.

Artist's books  

Books and information about tinnitus

Artwork postcards